Flow of treatment

1. Reservation

Hal Dental Office is by advance reservation only.

However, we offer cleaning and whitening treatment if there is an opening. Please visit us when you come over here.

2. Visit

When you visit us first, Please come ten minutes earlier than appointment time for smooth procedure.
Show your patient registration ticket when you returns to clinic.

After you check in, please fill in medical interview sheet.

We are by advance reservation only not to make patients wait. Please contact us by phone to make a reservation.

3. Counseling

We offer counseling about treatment.

Do you have any anxiety about treatment?
What do you want to change?
Please tell us!

Feel free to contact us if you have any concern.

4. Treatment and maintenance

We recommend you to receive maintenance (regular checkup and cleaning of teeth) after treatment.

We offer teeth cleaning (PMTC and scaling) as well as advices on tooth-brushing and diet by dental hygienist.

Keep your mouth healthy by maintaining teeth regularly!