Lip treatment

Treatment to massage and moisturize lips.
This treatment is recommended for those who want to clarify lip line or brighten lip color.
Lips tend to be dry after treatment or cleaning.
You can go home with clean teeth and soft lips by receiving lip treatment after dental treatment.

~ Characteristics of lips ~

1. Less oil glands

Although both skin and lips are exposed to the air, skin can create a moisture barrier to prevent moisture from evaporating and external stimulus.
On the other hand, lips have neither oil glands nor sweat glands therefore cannot produce a moisture barrier. As a result, moisture transpires through lips more and lips tend to be dry and rough.

2. Structure of lip skin is similar to mucous membrane

Structure of lip skin is similar to mucous membrane or organs as a part of mucous membrane evolves into lips.
Moisture-retention function of skin is low and vulnerable to dryness because NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) of lips is sixth to tenth of other part of skin, and there is less intercellular lipid.

3. Has little pigment melanin

Pigment melanin is generally imagined to be “enemy of beauty”, causing stains, wrinkles, and freckles. However, it also protects skin from ultraviolet.
As lips has little pigment melanin, lips are directly damaged by ultraviolet and get suntanned.
Suntan of lips causes dryness, chap, and dullness.

4. Thin and very transparent

As lip skin is thin and transparent, color inside skin tends to be apparent.
When you are sick or blood circulation is poor due to accumulation of lymph, your lip color may be dull or uneven.
Actually, lips are “indicator of health”.

5. Poor keratinous layer

Lips are easy to dry because they have thin and poor keratinous layer. Peeling chapped or detached lip skin may cause further roughness and wrinkles.
However, lips may recover fast if you care properly as its metabolism is fast.

Lip treatment

Removes lipstick from lips completely.
Deep cleansing
Removea old keratin from skin with scrub gel.
Treatment & massage
Massages lips picking up with fingers.
This treatment defines lip line.
Hot mask
After treatment and massage, a hot mask at 40 to 43 degrees C is applied on lips for 3 to 5 minutes. Lips look fuller by warming as collagen is generated in 38 degrees C or over.

~ Scrub gel ~

We use scrub gel by “sara happ”.
You can choose your favorite flavor of scrub gel for lip treatment.

~ Lip treatment is recommended for anyone who ~

– Worried about wrinkles on lips
– Want to define lip line
– Worried about dry and chapped lips
– Want to make lip color beautiful


Lip treatment 15min 3,240yen(Including tax)