About Staff

Meet our staff at Hal Dental Office.
In our office, all the dental hygienists acquire national qualifications to take care of patients.

Ishigaki (Chief hygienist)


[Hobby] Watching baseball game

[Strength] Have a strong sense of responsibility

[Weakness] Bottle everything up inside

[Quote] I want to be in patients’ side.
Please talk to me about anything. I will welcome patients with smile!



Katou (Sub-chief hygienist)


[Hobby] Travel

[Strength] Stick with my solution

[Weakness] Indecisive, negative thought

[Quote] Do not hesitate to consult us regarding tooth brushing! Let’s do our best!



Miyamoto (Hygienist)

(Temporary leave)
[Hobby] Listen to live music, travel, outdoor activities, camera

[Strength] Good with details and attentive

[Weakness] Too serious, stubborn

[Quote] I want to provide oral care customized to each patient to help him/her enjoying eating with own teeth for life. I hope I can give comfort to patients.




[Hobby] Karaoke

[Strength] I like talking to people
[Weakness] hate losing

[Quote] I want to be close to the patient with a smile at any time. Supports patient’s dental health!




[Hobby]Eating sweets around

[Strength]bright personality

[Weakness] Easy to drop

[Quote] I would like to be able to help you with your patient so that you can know the importance of teeth and protect them.




[Hobby] Outgoing
[Strength] Serious and honest.

[Weakness] I can’t see the surroundings when I concentrate

[Quote]Receptionist and assistant.I can’t do it directly, but I’ll do my best to make you feel safe and to say that you’re happy to come to our hospital!