About Staff

Meet our staff at Hal Dental Office.
In our office, all the dental hygienists acquire national qualifications to take care of patients.

Ishigaki (Chief hygienist)

[Hobby] Watching baseball game

[Strength] Have a strong sense of responsibility

[Weakness] Bottle everything up inside

[Quote] I want to be in patients’ side.
Please talk to me about anything. I will welcome patients with smile!



[Hobby] Travel, watching dramas and anime
[Strength] Fond of cleanliness
[Weakness] nervous
[Quote]We look forward to helping you with all your concerns and helping you maintain your oral health. let’s work hard together!



[Hobby] movies, travel, food
[Strength] positive
[Weakness] My pace

[Quote]I will continue to devote myself every day so that I can help maintain healthy and beautiful teeth, and become a reliable presence for patients.



[Hobby] food, drive, natural scenery
[Strength] smile
[Weakness] impatient

[Quote] Let us help you solve as many of your worries as possible!
We are waiting for you with a smile so that each and every one of you can smile!



[Hobby] music,food,drive
[Strength]Full of curiosity

[Quote] I will do my best so that people who are not good at dental clinics can receive treatment and cleaning with peace of mind!


Yuka(dental assistant)

[Hobby] Travel(Onsen)
[Strength] cautious
[Weakness] Anxious mind
[Quote]I would like to work with my father to support the oral health of our patients. I’m still a dental hygienist apprentice, but I’m looking forward to seeing you.



[Hobby] Outgoing
[Strength] Serious and honest.

[Weakness] I can’t see the surroundings when I concentrate

[Quote]Receptionist and assistant.I can’t do it directly, but I’ll do my best to make you feel safe and to say that you’re happy to come to our hospital!