Gum massage

Gum massage has three effect.

1. Relaxation effect

Autonomic nerve controls our pulse, respiration, and perspiration.

Autonomic nerves have two types:

– Sympathetic nerve for tension
– Parasympathetic nerve for relaxing

Many patients visit us with sympathetic nerve (switch for tension) activated.
Sympathetic nerves may be activated due to fatigue related to job, stress, and tension.

Massaging muscles in mouth to release tension will activate your parasympathetic nerves, the switch for relaxing.

<<Effects due to activation of parasympathetic nerves>>

– Promotes blood circulation and warms limbs
– Makes pulse and breathing stable
– Raises body temperature and improves immunity
– Releases tension and makes you feel better

2. Salivary secretion promotion effect

Saliva has crucial roles for digestive / protective / antiseptic (antibacterial) / recalcification / buffer effects.

Chewing well is recommended to secret saliva, but massaging gum and mucosa of cheek stimulates salivary glands far more than chewing.

3. Beauty effect

Accumulation of lymph may cause inhibition of salivary secretion, languidness of mouth, fine wrinkles, pimples, water warts, and dull lip color due to poor blood circulation.
Lymphatic massage and gum & cheek mucosa massage will improve those symptoms.

More than fifty points in gum

<<Effects of gum massage>>

– Effective for flabbiness and nasolabial fold
– Releases mouth muscles and eliminates fatigue
– Relax muscles stiffened due to clenching and grinding of teeth
– Promotes bloodstream and flow of lymph
– Improves the circulation of blood and swelling and inflammation of gum are reduced
– Promotes salivary secretion to prevent decay and periodontal disease
– Relaxing effect


Gum massage 15min 3,240yen(Including tax)