Dental treatment

Dental treatment is the cleaning of mouth to maintain stable condition customizing period, frequency, and type of medicine according to patient’s mouth, and isn’t covered by insurance.

In addition, we loosen the muscles used in chewing to ease stiff shoulder, neck, and mouth. You can receive maintenance treatment monthly or customize maintenance treatment because this treatment is taken at patient’s expense.

Our dental hygienists who are trained by HM’s will perform treatment. Only well-trained and knowledgeable dental hygienist has the privilege to treat the muscles of mouth. You can’t get the treatment like that in other aesthetic salon!


Flow of dental treatment

Ex.) Standard course

Scaling > Apply Renamel > Mineral pack

Ex.) Special course

Phase-contrast microscope > Scaling > Polishing > Apply Renamel

Ex.) Enrich course

Oral massage > Polishing > Tongue cleaning > Apply Renamel > Gum treatment > Mineral pack

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